Introducing the Sightless Fun Podcast

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Mic check, one, two, three… test. OK, looks like we’re good to go!

I’m very excited to share this with you. We’ve been working on starting a podcast for the past couple of months and today we’re publishing our first, intro episode!

We plan to release a new episode every other Thursday. Each episode we will be taking a look at the visual accessibility of a certain game followed by a discussion about a specific topic. Occasionally, we plan to have a guest on the show to spice things up a bit.

You can listen to our podcast here on our website or on any of the following podcast platforms:


Episode 0 - Introduction

In this intro episode, Ertay and Jed introduce themselves and talk about how they got into the hobby of Board Games, what challenges they have as legally blind players, and why Ertay started the Sightless Fun blog.

Links mentioned in the episode:

Special Thanks

This podcast wouldn’t have been possible without some of the people listed below.

Alpay Shashko for editing our episodes. Even though this is the first time he’s doing something like this, he’s been doing a great job. I really appreciate the time he’s put into making this project a reality.

Ryan Peach and Peter Hansen for their detailed feedback, constructive criticism, and ideas on how to move forward.

The Macedonian band Fighting Windmills for allowing us to use their music in our show. The name of the track that is in our intro is Museum Of Legends and Lies (original name, Музеј на легенди и лаги).



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