Exciting Things To Come

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I would like to share some exciting news with you. The first one will be about the direction of this blog and the second one will be about a fellow board gamer joining the team!

The Direction Of This Blog

I initially started the blog to talk about verious types of activities that can be done by the blind and visually impaired. One of those activities was playing board games. The main reason I started talking about board games was to prevent myself from buying new games until I wrote about the ones I owned to make it easier for people like me in finding them. I generally have to spend much more time researching games before purchasing them to make sure their visual accessibility is at a level that would let me play them.

After seeing a lot of positive comments and criticism, I have decided to fully focus on visual accessibility in board games. For now, this blog will be the place to find in-depth analysis and solutions to visual accessibility issues of various board games. Besides that we will aim to introduce more blind and visually impaired people to the hobby, as it is one of the best activities that could improve the social life of these groups.

Technically the direction of the blog does not change, because up to this point I have only talked about board games anyway. So, we will just stay on course and keep sailing to deeper waters. I recently had a friend, Abdullah Alioski, design the logo for the site. For those of you who do not know Braille, the domino tiles contain the letters ‘B’ and ‘G’. It was an interesting coincidence that the letter ‘G’ looks exactly like the number 4 on generic dice, which adds to the meaning of the logo.

I also updated the theme of the site, so if you find any bugs or issues, please let me know!

Say Hello To Jed

Thanks to this blog, I met some amazing people who have been in this hobby for much longer than me. Jed was one of them. After getting to know him some more, I noticed that we share the same passion for the hobby. Because of this, I decided to invite him to the blog as a contributor.

Jed has been in the hobby for nearly 10 years and has struggled with the same vision difficulties as I have, so I am very excited to see what he can bring to the blog. You can read his introduction post by clicking here.

Stay tuned for some interesting content in September!



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