Episode 10 - Being a Blind Dungeon Master With Temple Smith

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In this episode, Ertay talks to Temple Smith, a blind Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master. Temple has been playing DnD since the 1980s and talks about the visual accessibility of the game and how role-playing games can provide countless hours of entertainment with friends. He also explains how he deals with character sheets, dice, maps, and more.

You can get in touch with Temple on Twitter - @BlindTemple.


Time stamps

  • Temple’s background, 00:53
  • How often Temple plays DnD, 03:08
  • Temple describes his preparation process, 03:49
  • How Temple’s process changed after he lost his sight, 6:12
  • Temple talks about equipment he uses when DMing, 07:00
  • Temple talks about dice, 09:27
  • Dealing with character sheets as a blind DM and player, 12:40
  • Sighted assistance in Dungeons and Dragons, 14:13
  • Temple talks about blind DnD players, 17:24
  • Advice for sighted Dungeon Masters when playing with blind players, 18:13
  • Accessibility of different DnD editions, 20:55
  • Advice for blind people interested in becoming a dungeon master, 23:38
  • Final thoughts, 26:00



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