Episode 9 - Sighted Assistance For Blind Board Gamers With Dale and Laura Rowe

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Ertay talks to Laura, a blind board gamer, and her partner, Dale, a board game developer at Mythic Games, about the importance of sighted assistance when playing modern board games with blind players.

If you want to get in touch with Laura and Dale Rowe, you can send an email to cardboardjukebox@gmail.com.


Time stamps

  • Laura’s background, 1:12
  • Dale’s background, 2:09
  • How often they play games, 4:29
  • Current favorite board games, 5:17
  • Learning and teaching board games, 11:54
  • Accessibility challenges and hidden information, 14:25
  • Patience and sighted assistance, 18:50
  • Playing Power Grid with sighted assistance, 21:50
  • Inaccessible dexterity games, 25:50
  • Meeting Rahdo at UK Games Expo, 28:22
  • Stories from game conventions, 29:30
  • Positives of playing board games with blind players,33:07
  • Advice to improve sighted assistance, 35:31
  • Cardboard Jukebox, Dale and Laura’s podcast, 36:50
  • Final thoughts, 38:06



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