Episode 8 - Brailling Board Games With Nancy Feldman

1 minute read

Ertay and his third guest on the show, Nancy Feldman, talk about Braille in modern board games. Nancy is a blind board gamer that has a collection of over 200 games. She covers her process of brailling board game components, the common problems she has to deal with, and shares tips for blind gamers interested in brailling their games, Nancy also explains the limitations of Braille for board games and goes into some interesting workarounds to solve those accessibility issues.

You can contact Nancy Feldman via loravara@gmail.com and find her on Twitter, @loravara.


Time stamps

  • Nancy’s background, 01:11
  • How Nancy got into the hobby, 01:59
  • Nancy talks OrcaCon, 04:43
  • How Nancy navigates at a con, 08:00
  • Nancy’s favorite games are Dominion and Near and Far, 9:30
  • Learning and teaching games, 10:50
  • How blind people read Braille, 13:23
  • Nancy’s brailling process, 15:01
  • The extra effort needed to identify cards, 20:11
  • Brailling the Black Lotus in Magic: The Gathering, 22:43
  • How Nancy plays Sagrada blind, 24:34
  • Common problems when brailling board games, 27:59
  • Playing Ticket to Ride without vision, 29:47
  • Time and cost of brailling games, 31:10
  • Brailling Dominion, 33:48
  • Accessibility of board game apps, 36:49
  • Storing brailled games, 39:58
  • Artwork and Braille, 42:53
  • Tips for brailling games, 44:40
  • Nancy’s contact information, 48:48



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