Episode 13 - Color Blindness In Board Games With Jay Sears

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In this episode, Ertay is joined by Jay Sears from Pixy Games and they talk about color blindness in the hobby. Jay talks about the misconceptions of being colorblind and also provides some tips to game designers and publishers on how they can avoid the most common pitfalls when it comes to designing colorblind accessible board games.


Time Stamps

  • Jay’s background, 01:21
  • Jay talks about his color blindness, 03:56
  • Types of color blindness, 05:50
  • Color combinations to avoid when designing board games, 12:30
  • Colorblind friendly combinations, 14:25
  • The color palette of Sagrada, 16:14
  • Tips for game designers, 18:38
  • Alternative ways to work with problematic colors, 21:33
  • Magic Maze, 26:07
  • Importance of component size and shape, 26:51
  • Board games with poor colorblind accessibility, 28:34
  • Yamatai and the red-green color choices, 33:04
  • Castles of Burgundy, 36:41
  • Board Games with good color blindness accessibility, 39:22
  • Final thoughts, 43:32



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