Episode 14 - Learning and Teaching Board Games As a Blind Player With Chris Lehman

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In this episode Ertay and Chris Lehman have a chat about the challenges of learning and teaching board games as blind individuals. Chris shares some interesting details about how he learns to play a game and after that he shares his process of teaching games to others. They also talk about the recent games they have played and Chris also shares some of his favorite board games.

You can get in touch with Chris Lehman via clehman2k9@gmail.com.


Time stamps

  • Chris Lehman‚Äôs background, 04:01
  • How Chris got into the hobby, 06:30-
  • Favorite games, 09:21
  • Sighted assistance, 13:30
  • Recently played games, 14:10
  • Board game learning process, 19:58
  • Board game apps, 28:56
  • Challenges of learning a board game blind, 33:40
  • Combining Rulebooks and video tutorials, 37:54
  • How publishers and content creators can improve the accessibility of rulebooks or tutorials, 40:35
  • Chris talks about his teaching process, 43:00
  • Challenges of teaching board games blind, 50:17
  • Tips for blind players to help with teaching board games, 56:12
  • Tips for sighted players when teaching blind players, 57:13
  • Board game recommendations for blind players, 59:37



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