Episode 15 Knights of the Braille

1 minute read

In this episode, Ertay talks to Jim and Eric from Knights of the Braille. Knights of the Braille is a small community for blind and visually impaired Dungeons & Dragons players. They talk about the accessibility challenges of D&D, how they are introducing new players to the game, using theater of the mind, dealing with tactics in combat scenarios and much more.

You can get in touch with Jim via knightsofthebraille@gmail.com or Twitter, @brailleknights. You can also find Eric on Twitter, @itsclavast.


Time stamps

  • Jim’s background, 02:22
  • Eric’s background, 02:53
  • How Jim and Eric got involved with D&D, 03:42
  • How sight loss affected Jim’s enjoyment of the game, 08:55
  • What is Knights of the Braille, 09:45
  • What have they done so far, 11:55
  • Comparing Jim and Eric’s style of play, 14:15
  • Accessibility of websites and apps, 18:58
  • Tactics and combat in D&D for the blind, 22:46
  • Guidelines for sighted players that play with blind people, 27:20
  • Published adventures or homebrew, 29:05
  • Accessibility of dice, 31:43
  • Advice for aspiring blind dungeon masters, 34:05
  • How to join a Knights of the Braille group, 39:40
  • Final thoughts, 42:47



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