Episode 6 - Teaching Board Games To The Elderly With Richard Canning

1 minute read

In this episode, Ertay talks to his first guest, Richard Canning, about teaching modern board games to the elderly. Richard is a veteran in the hobby who is very passionate about the teaching process and he shares the most common challenges he needs to deal with, as well as advice on how others can become better at introducing board games to the older generations.

If you want to get in touch with Richard Canning, you can email him via richard@elindal.net. He can also be found on BoardGameGeek under the Bremic username


Time stamps

  • Richard Canning’s background, 01:09
  • How and why Richard started focusing on teachin board games to the elderly, 02:07
  • Description of Richard’s process when teaching elders, 06:21
  • Common problems when teaching the elderly, 11:04
  • Rulebook accessibility, 14:35
  • Game recommendations for old people, 17:53
  • Guidelines for teaching visually impaired elders, 24:34
  • Tools to improve accessibility, 28:35
  • Problems with hidden information games, 32:16
  • Game recommendations for visually impaired elders, 34:32
  • A story from PAX Australia 2018, 37:09
  • Final thoughts, 42:34


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