Episode 7 - A Blind Board Game Enthusiast’s Journey In The Hobby

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Ertay talks to Ryan Peach, a blind board game enthusiast, about his journey in the hobby. Ryan shares how he was introduced to the hobby, what his favorite games are, games he can’t play anymore due to sight loss, and gives advice to both publishers and players on how they can improve the visual accessibility of modern board games.

You can contact Ryan Peach via redmeepleryan@gmail.com and find him on Twitter, @redmeepleryan.


Time stamps

  • Ryan’s background, 00:50
  • Introduction to modern board games, 05:19
  • Ryan’s current favorite games, 08:44
  • Ryan talks about why he plays board games, 13:59
  • Accessibility discussion, 17:10
  • Accessibility challenges as Ryan’s sight deteriorated, 18:14
  • Battlestar Galactica, favorite game he can’t play anymore, 21:48
  • Board Game modifications, 24:17
  • Accessibility improvements in the past few years, 29:40
  • Recommendations for board game publishers, 32:48
  • Games Ryan would play if he got his sight back, 35:57
  • Advice for other blind people interested in the hobby, 37:18
  • Advice for sighted players, 39:13
  • Final thoughts, 41:20



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